22 Aug National Learn To Code Day – Hamilton LLC

The other day (to my delight) I was in the newspaper! Amy Kenny of the Hamilton Spectator did a story with myself and Meg Smith the other Co-Lead for Ladies Learning Code. It was a feature that was apart of other stories about women in business and trades where there is underrepresentation. It was an interesting read and really great to see so many other faces of people I knew, other women I have worked with and met through young professional groups in the city.

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Read the full article, here.

I remember when I first applied to get involved with Ladies Learning Code it was largely because I felt so isolated in what I was doing, after you graduate from the community of school and enter the working world it can be a lonely and sometimes hostile place. I just wanted to find like minded people who would support and encourage me, and inspire me to keep learning. And, I found that with LLC and I can’t wait to work more with them and meet more female entrepreneurs.

At the end of next month on Saturday September 26th we’re having another workshop at Innovation Factory – Its a beginner Intro to Python workshop, which is a language I haven’t really worked with myself, so I’ll be bringing my pen and notebook!

Please join us if you’re in the area – Register here. For more info visit www.ladieslearningcode.com or email [email protected]

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05 Jul Recap of Hamilton WordCamp June 6th 2015

I’m super late on this post. Admittedly, moderately busy and entirely just taking some timeout to enjoy the long awaited summer. But, I do want to recap some of the great things from the Hamilton Wordcamp that happened a month ago.

It was my first time attending, though I had heard about it last year. Tickets were only about $20 for a full day of wordpress workshops and catered lunch, both for developers and beginners. The great thing was that you could switch between each group which was nice to be able to pick and choose, and get a wider perspective on front end and behind the scenes architecture.

This is what the beginner schedule looked like:
Screen Shot 2015-07-05 at 2.05.21 PM

Even though I don’t consider myself a “beginner” wordpress user I found the subject matter to be more appealing and relevant for me personally. And some of the language in the “advance” stream I think needed a lot of background experience for it to have real value. I could follow along but wasn’t really sure how I could apply it for the most part. I think the best way to learn is through trial and error, so I will have to set-up some practise projects or tests and see how far I get!

Overall, I definitely recommend going if you’ve thought about it in the past – or even if you’re simply curious. People are really keen on sharing what they’ve learned through experimentation. It’s like talking to a whole bunch of mad scientists who are figuring out the world of the web from design, to writing, marketing, customer service, user experience, social media, marketing to what apps to use. Almost an information overload, and I’m sure by the time I figure one thing out there will be five more new things to replace it. I still have so many resources to look into and learn from, and I’m having a lot of fun trying.

Made a lot of new connections with fellow designers, writers, coders and entrepreneurs. Hope to see you at the next one!

IMG_20150606_102958 (1)

IMG_20150606_173658 (1)


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11 Apr My Interview With Chelsey Tobin

In an attempt to get out there and interact with my neighbourhood, last month I started working with the organization Ladies Learning Code as a Hamilton Chapter Co-Lead. We put together workshops and classes for women and children to learn tech based software and coding. I myself am no expert, but I have learned more and more along the way. Actually, I heard about the NFP through attending a class as a learner. So far its been an entirely positive experience – which I needed largely at the time. I can’t wait to see what the future has in store – hope I can make some impactful contributions. Check out the interview they did on me. So proud! Also visit the site for workshops in Hamilton and 23 other cities across Canada www.ladieslearningcode.com

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Read the full article, here.

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