About This Project


Summary and Research


The purpose of this app is to use a popular childhood game as a mental model with the intention to re-establish a process that users find stressful and tedious and reassociate it with a likable and easy to play game.


In the original activity, players move geometric shapes along a winding path to the other side and overcome intersecting paths. In this way, using the game elements symbolize both the user’s journey and the purpose of the app (being transportation), as well as movement from one point to another. Game elements provide visual cues to the user which include; when they’ve reached the next step in their process, when there has been a state change, and rewards the user when they have completed a task. These micro interactions guide the user through the core components of the app.


The app provides a quick, convenient and easy way to compare cab fares, source the closest driver near your location, estimate arrival times, track your spending, receive real-time best route data, filter your search options by route, price and time, and eliminate a physical transaction at the end of your trip. These features respond to the most commonly emphasized user needs .


Many users noted that they often take cabs when they’re in a rush, travelling, or drinking, so it became essential to design with colours, fonts and an interface that is simple, easy to use and read, where users are able to complete their task quickly as well as store reusable data, like location, best routes, or favourite ride services.


Process Work




Branding, Illustration, UX